Monday, Wednesday, Friday's | 7:00pm - 8:00pm (AEST)



Why wait for September 2020, when you can get started now? Join Vicky from MyClubtap as he takes you through on how you can start setting up your cricket clubs fantasy game on

Vicky will chat through the features on the platform that help you getting the best out of your clubs fantasy game.

One of the biggest challenges most cricket clubs face is raising funds and engaging with the extended family of the club such as family, non-playing members, friends and sponsors of the club. This would be a great opportunity to rethink how you currently interact and connect all of them at the club.

We understand how hard it can be to find new ways to engage and connect with everyone, and finding that gold standard that best fits your club. Let us help you out with how MyClubtap can positively add to it all.

This session will specifically help those clubs that:

  • are prepared to find new ways to engage their club audience
  • find new fundraising opportunities
  • use this time as an opportunity to innovate
  • increase digital touchpoints for it's sponsors

Leave with a kick-start to your clubs fantasy game and the knowledge of the potential benefits it brings to your club for the upcoming cricket season.

MyClubtap has helped 75+ cricket clubs across bring fantasy cricket to their clubs over the years, helped raising funds and enable higher digital touchpoints with the extended club family and community.

Key Takeaways for you:

- Understand what you need to get started on MyClubtap

- What setup actions can be taken now

- Hear about past succesfullty completed club fantasy games

- Leave with fresh ideas on how to increase digital footprint of your club


Vicky Goyal

Director | MyClubtap